Passport photo of Almast with daughter Nellie at Ellis Island

Based on a true story, Almast is a screenplay about a woman who begins as child-bride and later unexpectedly discovers her independence and strength of character in war-torn Armenia.  In the horror of the slaughter, she takes her children and makes a daring escape from the Ottoman Turks amid the Armenian Genocide.


This fascinating story stands on its own merit as a powerful historic epic of the struggle against insurmountable odds.  It opens our eyes and hearts as it shows us the magnitude of a devastating, yet little remembered, event in history. We are all inspired as we follow the journey of our unlikely hero, Almast, and witness her unstoppable courage and resourcefulness on the perilous journey out of her country.  After enduring extreme hardship and many losses, she finds the strength to journey even farther to build a new life in the United States.


Marla was inspired to bring this story to film to shed light on the important truth of the Armenian struggle in its historical context. She hopes that in seeing Almast, an “ordinary farmwife” rise to conquer extraordinary challenges; we too will realize that we can summon the strength to do the “impossible” in our lives.    


“Impossible just means it takes a little longer,” was the true embodiment of Almast’s spirit and the essence of the screenplay.


Almast is currently looking for development. If you would like to contribute to this project please contact us using the contact page.